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Welcome to Day & Associates, Incorporated

Day & Associates, Incorporated is a law firm focused in the areas of asset protection planning, wealth preservation through lawsuit protection, and estate planning. We are nationally known for our use of both domestic and offshore structures to meet our clients’ goals. In this niche area of the law, we craft carefully tailored legal plans for our clients, with estate planning & asset protection as our concentration.

Asset protection planning is a preventative legal estate planning strategy that puts your personal, business, and family assets beyond the reach of potential lawsuit creditors before you become the target of a lawsuit. Like fire insurance for your home, it must be put in place before a crisis puts your assets at risk.

International Asset Protection

Offshore asset protection trusts are the strongest asset protection tool you can have. They are irrevocable trusts domiciled in jurisdictions like the Cook Islands, Nevis, the Isle of Man, and others. Offshore asset protection trusts can be used in combination with other entities to allow you to import foreign law without exporting your assets. Our expertise is in customizing a legal strategy that will work best for your particular situation.

Domestic Asset Protection

Domestic asset protection trusts include irrevocable trusts that are domiciled in the United States. We offer several different types of domestic asset protection trusts that provide for most clients’ situations. Various domestic lawsuit proof trusts and varying provisions within those trusts offer a wide range of protection and flexibility to meet each individual’s needs.